MARS Creative Projects — welcome!

Welcome to the web site of MARS Creative Projects. We hope to have some interesting content for you soon, including a full-featured site for MARS Stitches, providers of embroidery for many applications. In addition, MARS Creative Projects offers writing, research, and editorial services for both print and web.

For the moment, please pardon our construction debris. Hard hats must be worn at all times, and watch for falling static text objects. Those dratted dangling modifiers can let go at any time …

Note: We are also the home of Brother Osric’s Scriptorium, which you are cordially invited to visit.

Welcome to 7th Son and Getting a Leg Up listeners

If you're visiting us from links connected with the 7th Son and Getting a Leg Up podcasts, we're especially delighted to have you. A discussion of 7th Son is in progress at the Scriptorium; please feel free to jump in and leave your comments.